Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow Is Another Day (2014)

Battle of Tomorrow - HD-Dubbing - 19/19 - Crime, Thriller

Senior correctional officer Man Sheung Shing is stationed at the Stanley Prison and is in charge of prisoner discipline. Clashing with prisoners every day, he is under heavy pressure and must act carefully every step of the way. In contrast, his subordinate Kiu Ching Kiu frequently ignores the rules and has close contact with the prisoners, even developing a relationship with one of them. This...


Stars: Tsui Kate, Wong Vincent, Wong Kenny

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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (1996)

Tian Long Ba Bu - HD-Dubbing - 45/45 - Kungfu, Historical, Romance

The story deals with several separate yet intertwining story lines, revolving around the protagonists Kiu Fung, Duen Yu and Hui Juk. Duen Yu is a young, naive prince of the Kingdom of Dali. Despite the long tradition of the practice of martial arts in the royal family, he refuses to learn martial arts due to Buddhist influence and his disdain for bloodshed. When his father tries to force him to...


Stars: Wong Felix, Chan Benny, Fan Louis

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The Unlawful Justice Squad

The Unlawful Justice Squad (2017)

Legal Mavericks - HD-Subtitle - 10/28 - Crime, Thriller

Since losing his eyesight in an accident, Man Sun-Hop has been continually harassed and despised. But instead, his determination and perseverance are so reinforced that he has qualified as a barrister. He has also developed an acute sense beyond sight which helps him to gain the status of Blind Legal Knight in the legal profession. However, nobody really knows his true character. Fortunately,...


Stars: Wong Vincent, Choi Sisley, Lee Ali

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The Ultimate Addiction

The Ultimate Addiction (2014)

Midas - HD-Dubbing - 30/30 - Crime, Thriller

Being obsessed with money and power, Cheuk Yuk constantly neglects his family members and friends. Because of him, his wife and mentor pass away respectively, yet he shows no remorse at all. On the contrary, his craving for money and power continuously increases. His brother-in-law Chow Sun Yung, one of the CCB inspectors, is determined to put him in jail, collaborating with superior HO Sheung...


Stars: Wong Bosco, Tang Gloria, Wong Ben

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Rear Mirror

Rear Mirror (2014)

載得有情人 - HD-Dubbing - 20/20 - Thriller, Romance

Minibus driver Kei Yat Sing failed to heed to his late father's advice and suffers a series of setbacks in his relationship and career. Despite this, he stays strong and insists on raising the son that his girlfriend had with another man. His neighbour, Hung Ji Lung, has always looked up to Yat SIng as a big brother. Ji Lung hopes that Yat Sing would be with his sister Hung Lai Sa, but he...


Stars: Lai Wayne, Law Ronald, Tong Natalie

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Black Heart White Soul

Black Heart White Soul (2014)

忠奸人 - HD-Dubbing - 30/30 - Crime, Thriller

Tam Mei Ching who has low moral consciousness takes the rap for her boyfriend who has committed a crime. After serving her sentence, Ko Zit Hang, a lawyer helps her start afresh by giving her a job at his law firm. Ko initially had a bright future ahead but was crashed when rookie police Cheung Lap Guen accidentally hurt him when he was on a mission, causing Ko to be wheelchair bounded for the...


Stars: Kwok Roger, Ng Ron, Tin Kristal

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Inbound Troubles

Inbound Troubles (2013)

Lau Biao Ni Hao Ye - HD-Dubbing - 20/20 - Comedy, Thriller

The HK native born SZETO PAK YU works hard running a travel agency. Because he helped his girlfriend pay off debts, he goes bankrupt, but still carried a never-give-up spirit and continues striving for to make a better living. His cousin KO YAU LAM grew up in China and came to Hong Kong to pursue a singing career. The cousins ends up under one roof and due to the cultural differences, they...


Stars: Kwok Roger, Wong Cho Lam, Wu Bowie

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The Emperor And I

The Emperor And I (1994)

Fong Sai Yuk Yue Gon Lung Wong - HD-Dubbing - 20/20 - Kungfu, Historical

A series about the friendship between Fong Sai Yuk and the Qianlong Emperor.


Stars: Cheung Eddie, Ngai Marco

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Sisters Of Pearl

Sisters Of Pearl (2013)

掌上明珠 - HD-Dubbing - 26/26 - Thriller

After the death of her husband, Chu Pik-Ha (Jessica Hsuan) returns to her maiden home with her son, in a deliberate attempt to take over the family jewelry business from her elder sister Chu Pik-Wan (Kiki Sheung). To prevent Ha from getting too out of hand, Wan needs her husband Ho Cheung-Hing (Bowie Lam) to create trouble for her sibling. Hing does not follow her instructions, but instead...


Stars: Tang Joyce, Lam Bowie, Hsuan Jessica

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Beauty At War

Beauty At War (2013)

War and Beauty 2 - HD-Dubbing - 30/30 - Historical, Thriller

Consort Shun wanted to convey the dissatisfaction she has on her elder sister Consort Yu by purposely spreading rumors about her around the palace. Sheung Ling, the nanny, is a woman full of motives, she borrows the authority to help others investigate the truth, but in reality she's just trying to scheme for profit and money. She also successfully gained Consort Yu's trust and the two...


Stars: Ng Christine, Chan Moses, Tang Sheren

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Will Power

Will Power (2013)

法外風雲 - HD-Dubbing - 30/30 - Crime, Thriller

The two well known laywers YU YING WAI and LEE MING YEUNG are against each other in court. Because YING WAI wanted to win a case, it almost cost him his life and after that incident, he had a new view on life. Experienced lawyer LO SAM BO viewed the changed WAI differently, and recruited him to join his law firm as a probate lawyer. Due to his debt, YEUNG was forced to go back and work at his...


Stars: Ngok Elliot, Chan Jason, Ng Christine

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Brother's Keeper

Brother's Keeper (2013)

Big Wheel - HD-Dubbing - 31/31 - Thriller

KO TIN SAN an LAW WAI SHUN are half-brothers, same mother different father. Due to fate, they were not only separated into Hong Kong an Macau, but also grew up in different backgrounds that have caused serious conflict between the brothers. Their mother CHOW YUK MUI brought her youngest son WAI SHUN to Macau and lived in a black market. WAI SHUN strived hard to get through all the hardships and...


Stars: Chung Linda, Siu Edwin, Tin Kristal

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7 Days In Life

7 Days In Life (2011)

Romance of the seven-day quarantine - HD-Dubbing - 19/19 - Thriller, Family

Calvin and Christy, a pair of professional thieves, are quarantined in Wonderful Harbour Hotel for 7 days after the Hong Kong government discovers a guest at the hotel who is diagnosed with H1N1. The couple encounters a cop, a bellboy, a prostitute, a news reporter, a legendary thief, and several other rich and poor hotel guests and employees whom reluctantly bond together during their stay in...


Stars: Wong Bosco, Ma Steven, Kwok Sonija

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Tiger Cubs

Tiger Cubs (2012)

Flying Tiger - HD-Subtitle+Dubbing - 13/13 - Action, Crime, Thriller

Serving on the Special Duties Unit (SDU) for many years, "devil" instructor JIN HON TOU (Joe Ma) is seen as a hero in the hearts of his subordinates. His style is strict, serious and has high expectations on his subordinates, especially the two new SDU members YU HOK LAI (Him Law) and YAU CHUN HIN (Vincent Wong). However when he's off-duty, TOU is actually a very caring big...


Stars: Leung Oscar, Tsang Savio, Wong Mandy

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Rosy Business

Rosy Business (2009)

Jin Guo Xiao Xiong - HD-Dubbing - 25/25 - Historical, Thriller

An incisive portrait of a business woman torn between duty and desire HONG PO KEI's (Sheren Tang) engagement with Wuxi rice baron TSEUNG KIU (Ngo Wah) broke off many years ago when a natural disaster hit the country. Later when the country was running out of food supply her whole family was killed and she become a criminal. Over the years, KEI has never got over KIU. She has been trying to...


Stars: Tang Sheren, Lai Wayne, Sheung Kiki

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Storm In A Cocoon

Storm In A Cocoon (2014)

Property Protector - HD-Dubbing - 31/31 - Thriller, Family

"Wing Tai Lung" is Guangzhou's largest silk factory during its time. The owner POON WING LIN is growing old and has passed on the business to his eldest son POON KA HIN and second daughter POON HAU YEE to manage, but unexpectedly HAU YEE strangely commits suicide. Youngest son POON KA YEUNG is a military doctor, who returns home after completing his service and takes over the...


Stars: Yeung Tavia, Hong Akina, Cho Raymond

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Ghetto Justice II

Ghetto Justice II (2012)

Fury Street Corner II - HD-Dubbing - 21/21 - Crime, Romance

LAW LIK AH (Kevin Cheng) makes a comeback after spending two years in prison. Working together with his wife WONG SEE FU (Myolie Wu), the couple become the 'Condor Heroes' of Sham Shui Po, continuing to help residents fight for justice. However, LAW and SEE FU's attitude and style when handling cases remains different and due to this, the couple quarrels frequently. As LAW's...


Stars: Cheng Kevin, Lam Alex, Wu Myolie

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Trappde (2012)

Trappde - HD-Dubbing - 32/32 - Action, Crime, Romance

The movie The Ministry of Co-operative talks about the crime of detective Liu Xiang Hi by Ouyang Chan and Lu San San San Luu by code.As 5 years ago Liu's memoir Hi is La Thanh's father La San San pursued the case cut off the hand that was killed and blamed unfairly. Five years after La San San returned from Japan, he sought evidence of his father's injustice. And both Luu Pham Hi...


Stars: Updating...

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Witness to a Prosecution II

Witness to a Prosecution II (2003)

洗冤錄 II - HD-Subtitle - 22/22 - Crime, Mystery, Historical

After losing his two wives, Sung Chee (Bobby Au Yeung) somehow winds up in a new town. Back in his hometown, Sung Chee was a well-known forensics officer that had solved many cases. He soon meets Yuen Yuk Chu (Charmaine Sheh) and is employed to work in her mother's shop to pay off his debt. Sung Chee's real identity soon emerges and he is back to discovering how murder victims came to...


Stars: Sheh Charmaine, Au Yeung Bobby, Tang Joyce

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Witness To A Prosecution

Witness To A Prosecution (1999)

洗冤錄 - HD-Dubbing - 21/22 - Crime, Mystery, Historical

For 30 years, nighttime keeper Sung Chee (Bobby Au-yeung) was despised in To Yuen village due to his posthumous birth in a coffin, having only the sickly scholar Sit Dan (Michael Tse) and the coolie Cha Siu-chaan (Lo Mang) as his friends. After disputing with the village chief over his family's land, Chee, along with a homeless female thief Tong Sze (Jessica Hsuan), are accused for...


Stars: Au Yeung Bobby, Hsuan Jessica, Lam Frankie

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