Dark Blue And Moonlight

Dark Blue And Moonlight (2017)

深藍與月光 - HD-Subtitle - 24min/epi - Romance

Dark Blue & The Moonlight" is a new Taiwan bl webseries directed by the director of "Obsessed." The series will be released in October. Rumor has it that there will be 12 episodes in total.


Stars: Wang Ting Yun

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Memory Love

Memory Love (2017)

Memory Love - HD-Subtitle - 13/22 - Thriller, Romance

Can one life and two hearts be saved? Qiao Jia En and her boyfriend, Wang Xiu Kai, return to Taiwan from overseas to reunite with her estranged wealthy father. But when the couple gets into a car accident, Jia En suffers a concussion and memory loss while Shu Kai becomes brain dead. Jia En’s friend, Zhao Ai Li, takes advantage of the situation and takes Jia En’s place in meeting with Jia...


Stars: Updating...

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Wake Up 2

Wake Up 2 (2017)

麻醉風暴2 - HD-Subtitle - 10/20 - Thriller

When a patient died from a rare anesthesia complication, Dr. Xiao Zheng Xun was pressured to take the blame. Insurance agent Ye Jian De, who handled the death claim, discovered that it was not the first time the hospital shifted responsibility onto their employees. The duo teamed up to investigate the hospital insiders. Just when the truth was to come out, troubles began to befall on the...


Stars: Huang Jag, Hsu Tiffany, Wu Chris, Lee Lego, Meng Summer

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Maverick (2015)

Cai niao - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 54min - Crime, Thriller

Soon after a young police officer reports for duty, he is confronted with the unspoken rules. There are people who cannot be questioned and cases that cannot be further investigated. Although he has been sidelined, he refuses to give up the old case. However, having spent so much time and effort, will he find out the truth or some long forgotten conscience?

Director: Wen-tang Cheng

Stars: Chris Wang, Kaiser Chuang, Man-shu Jian

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Attention, Love!

Attention, Love! (2017)

Shao Xi Li Zheng Wo Ai Ni - HD-Subtitle - 15/15 - Romance

A boy and a girl were destined to be together since birth. A long time ago, two best friends each had a child. One named his son Li Zheng, which means “attention,” and the other named his daughter Shao Xi, which means “at ease” in military terminology. The two kids grew up to embody their names, with Li Zheng being diligent and paying extra attention to everything he wants to achieve in...


Stars: Chiu Prince, Tseng Joanne, Wang Riley

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The Man From The Future

The Man From The Future (2017)

My Future Boyfriend - HD-Subtitle - 10/10 - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance

Nan Gong Yu came back to 2012 from 2017 with time machine, and what would happens between he & Jie En?


Stars: Chang Derek, Su Lyan, Chen Ting Xuan

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Din Tao: Leader of the Parade

Din Tao: Leader of the Parade (2012)

Zhen tou - HD-Voice Subtitle - 2h 4min - Comedy, Thriller

Vinh Thai, a young man embracing his dream of becoming a rock singer in the US. He dropped out of Taipei and returned to his hometown of Taichung before pursuing a desire in his heart. The relationship between Thai and his father, Dat Dat, head of the First Division, was not very good. 2 father and son have never tried to understand each other and always encounter conflict when meeting each other.

Director: Kai Feng

Stars: Alan Ko, Alien Huang, Crystal Lin

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First of May

First of May (2015)

5 yue yi hao - HD-Subtitle - 1h 50min - Thriller

A love story spanning through 2 generations in the modern Taiwanese society.

Director: Ko-Tai Chou

Stars: Richie Jen, Alyssa Chia, Lyan Cheng

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The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match (2017)

極品絕配 - HD-Subtitle - 17/18 - Thriller, Romance

What do netizens know? Ting En is a celebrated chef whose fine-dining restaurant is a destination for food lovers from all over the world. When Ting En stumbles upon comments on the Internet from people who can’t afford to eat at his high-priced restaurant, they blow his mind. Netizens claim that the culinary creations made by Fen Qing at the night market are just as satisfying as Ting En’s...


Stars: Updating...

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Family Time

Family Time (2017)

Suan Tian Zhi Wei - HD-Subtitle - 8/15 - Romance, Family

In every home, there is always a family table. On this table, there will be the taste of sweetness, blandness, and a bit of sourness. Amongst all this, there will be arguments and resolutions, separation and coming together, laughter and tears. In the end, all this is just what we call "life".


Stars: Tsai June, Lin Allison, Chang Bryan, Fang Beatrice, Chang Han, Ke Shu Qin

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The Golden Cane Warrior

The Golden Cane Warrior (2014)

Pendekar Tongkat Emas - HD-Subtitle - 1h 51min - Action, Thriller

The Golden Cane: a relic of incomparable force, coveted by all. And with it, the training of a technique so unrivaled, it vanquishes all who dare oppose its power. As Master Cempaka and her four disciples - orphans of her enemies, now heirs to the Cane - prepare for the new warrior guardian to ascend, an act of villainous betrayal threatens to destroy the clan and destabilize the realm. Their...

Director: Ifa Isfansyah

Stars: Tara Basro, Christine Hakim, Eva Celia Latjuba

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Third Eye

Third Eye (2014)

Third Eye - HD-Subtitle - 1h 30min - Horror

A young woman's supernatural ability to see ghosts is reawakened following the death of her mother. As she adjusts to her new, deathly surroundings, she and her loved ones become the target of some ill-meaning individuals.

Director: Aloy Adlawan

Stars: Carla Abellana, Camille Prats, Ejay Falcon

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WolfCop (2014)

WolfCop - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 19min - Comedy, Horror

As a series of strange and violent events begin to occur, an alcoholic policeman realizes that he has been turned into a werewolf as part of a larger plan.

Director: Lowell Dean

Stars: Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio, Sarah Lind

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Horror Stories 2

Horror Stories 2 (2013)

Mu-seo-un Iyagi 2 - HD-Subtitle - 1h 35min - Horror

In an insurance company, Se-young, who has a power to see people's past and read their minds. Mr.Park, Se-Young's boss, assumes that she has some kind of special power, decides to test her ability. At very late night, Mr. Park picks three doubtful cases. He asks Se-young to tell him what exactly happened and if she thinks the insurance company has paid them the right amount of money....

Director: Beom-sik Jeong

Stars: Jin-hee Baek, Kyung-pyo Go, In-sun Jung

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Machi Action

Machi Action (2013)

Machi Action - HD-Subtitle - 1h 50min - Comedy

What happens when a costumed universal space hero is put out to pasture? Or, rather, the actor portraying him is?

Director: Jeff Chang

Stars: Bo-lin Chen, Ting-Hsuan Chen, Hsueh-Fu Kuo

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Ripples of Desire

Ripples of Desire (2012)

Hua yang - HD-Subtitle - 2h 2min - Historical, Romance

The height of gaiety on Piao Dao. Merchants and pirates may have their treasures but the biggest prizes are the sensational twin singing courtesans, who are ripe for deflowering. Known as The Rippling Sisters of Flower Street they dazzle customers with their flirtatious duets and tantalizing beauty. But the jewels of Piao Dao cannot be had with money alone. Admirers must also contest for their...

Director: Zero Chou

Stars: Ivy Yi-Han Chen, Jerry Yan, Michelle Chen

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Dead Mine

Dead Mine (2012)

Dead Mine - HD-Subtitle - 1h 27min - Action, Horror

The legend of Yamashita's Gold lures a treasure hunter and his group deep into the Indonesian jungle. Once they are trapped in an abandoned World War II Japanese bunker, they face the terrifying reality that the only way out is to go further in.

Director: Steven Sheil

Stars: Miki Mizuno, Sam Hazeldine, Ario Bayu

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8 Jam

8 Jam (2012)

8 Jam - HD-Subtitle - 1h 22min - Action, Romance

In the last eight hours of his life, he recounts significant events in his life that leads to his fate.

Director: Ahmad Idham

Stars: Shaheizy Sam, Norliana Samsudin, Fimie Don

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Golden Darling

Golden Darling (2016)

原來1家人 / Yuan Lai 1 Jia Ren - HD-Subtitle - 36/40 - Thriller, Family

The year is 2016. Huang Jin Fa and Yan Ru Yu get married after 30 days of the meeting. On the day of their housewarming party, they discover a strange object in their home, not knowing how it got there and where it's from. Turns out the object is actually a time machine. A 16-year-old woman emerges from the time machine and it is revealed that she is their daughter who has travelled 20...


Stars: Lan Pauline, Chiu Roy, Guo Shu Yao

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Love Cheque Charge / Ticket to Happiness

Love Cheque Charge / Ticket to Happiness (2014)

幸福兌換券 - HD-Subtitle - 46/74 - Thriller, Romance

An accident entwines the lives of two complete strangers. When Buo Hai is involved in an accident, he is so worried about the girlfriend that he will leave behind that he grabs a random stranger, Ho Bu Fan, and asks him to tell his girlfriend that he is breaking up with her. When Bu Fan passes on the message of the dying man to the girlfriend, Hsu Man Man, he sees how upset she is about being...


Stars: Updating...

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