Sniper: Ultimate Kill

Sniper: Ultimate Kill (2017)

Sniper: Ultimate Kill - HD-Subtitle - 1h 30min - Action, Thriller

Colombian drug kingpin Jesús Morales secretly pays for the services of a sniper nicknamed "The Devil," capable of killing one-by-one the enemies of anyone who hires him. With no adversaries left alive, Morales grows stronger and gains control of more smuggling routes into the United States. The DEA, alarmed by this threat to the country, sends agent Kate Estrada, who has been...

Director: Claudio Fäh

Stars: Tom Berenger, Felipe Calero, Juan Sebastián Calero

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Sniper: Reloaded

Sniper: Reloaded ( 2011)

Sniper: Reloaded - HD-Subtitle - 1h 31min - Action, Thriller

The son of a renowned sniper decides to track down the sniper who ambushed his squad when they were sent to rescue a white planter in the Congo.

Director: Claudio Fäh

Stars: Chad Michael Collins, Richard Sammel, Annabel Wright

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Northmen - A Viking Saga

Northmen - A Viking Saga (2014)

Northmen - A Viking Saga - HD-Subtitle - 1h 37min - Action, Adventure

A band of Vikings cross enemy lines and a panicked race begins. The losers will pay with their lives.

Director: Claudio Fäh

Stars: Ed Skrein, James Norton, Charlie Murphy

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