Person of Interest Season 1

Person of Interest Season 1 (2011)

Person of Interest - HD-Subtitle - 23/23 - Action, Crime, Thriller

An ex-assassin and a wealthy programmer save lives via a surveillance AI that sends them the identities of civilians involved in impending crimes. However, the details of the crimes--including the civilians' roles--are left a mystery.

Director: Jonathan Nolan

Stars: Jim Caviezel, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman

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Transporter The Series Season 1

Transporter The Series Season 1 (2012)

Transporter: The Series 1 - HD-Subtitle - 12/12 - Action, Crime

Frank Martin is an ex special ops, who now spends his life as a transporter on the other side of the law. With three rules, he always completes his contracts. One way, or the other.


Stars: Chris Vance, François Berléand, Charly Hübner

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The Ultimate Addiction

The Ultimate Addiction (2014)

Midas - HD-Dubbing - 30/30 - Crime, Thriller

Being obsessed with money and power, Cheuk Yuk constantly neglects his family members and friends. Because of him, his wife and mentor pass away respectively, yet he shows no remorse at all. On the contrary, his craving for money and power continuously increases. His brother-in-law Chow Sun Yung, one of the CCB inspectors, is determined to put him in jail, collaborating with superior HO Sheung...


Stars: Wong Bosco, Tang Gloria, Wong Ben

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Tientsin Mystic

Tientsin Mystic (2017)

河神 - HD-Subtitle - 3/24 - Crime, Thriller

During the Republican era, a river is haunted by inexplicable occurrences. Dun De You is a policeman who succeeds his master 'Old River God' and has inherited his ability to weed out the guilty whenever he lights the pipe. He ends up being suspected for the murder of a distinguished chairman whose son Ding Mao joins hands with him to uncover the truth. Together with some unlikely...


Stars: Wang Zi Xuan, Lei Yin, Zhang Ming En

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Black Heart White Soul

Black Heart White Soul (2014)

忠奸人 - HD-Dubbing - 30/30 - Crime, Thriller

Tam Mei Ching who has low moral consciousness takes the rap for her boyfriend who has committed a crime. After serving her sentence, Ko Zit Hang, a lawyer helps her start afresh by giving her a job at his law firm. Ko initially had a bright future ahead but was crashed when rookie police Cheung Lap Guen accidentally hurt him when he was on a mission, causing Ko to be wheelchair bounded for the...


Stars: Kwok Roger, Ng Ron, Tin Kristal

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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 1

From Dusk Till Dawn Season 1 (2014)

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series - HD-Subtitle - 10/10 - Action, Crime, Horror

Based on the 1996 movie of the same name, this supernatural series follows a pair of fugitive brothers after a bank heist leaves several people dead. After crossing the border with their hostages, they are stranded in a strip club filled with vampires and are forced to fight until morning in order to survive. DJ Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Eiza González and Jesse Garcia star.

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Stars: D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Jesse Garcia

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The Hatton Garden Job

The Hatton Garden Job (2017)

The Hatton Garden Job - HD-Subtitle - 1h 33min - Crime

In April 2015, the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company, an underground safe deposit facility in London's Hatton Garden area, was burgled by 4 elderly men. The total stolen may have a value of up to £200 million, the incident has been called the "largest burglary in English legal history."

Director: Ronnie Thompson

Stars: Matthew Goode, Stephen Moyer, Joely Richardson

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Anti-Terrorism Special Forces

Anti-Terrorism Special Forces (2017)

Fan Kong Te Zhan Dui - HD-Subtitle - 2/40 - Action, Crime

Trong Nguyen, the head of the anti-terrorism special warfare unit during the execution of the mission, shot down No. 2 of the organization and was arrested. While rescuing his wife Zhao Han, Trong Nguyen was injected with a disease in his body, suffering greatly. The president of the DK Han Han biotech company offered his first invitation, as well as a graduate student in the field of orchids,...


Stars: Updating...

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24 Season 1

24 Season 1 ( 2001)

24 Day 1 - HD-Subtitle - 24/24 - Action, Crime

Jack Bauer, Director of Field Ops for the Counter-Terrorist Unit of Los Angeles, races against the clock to subvert terrorist plots and save his nation from ultimate disaster.

Director: Robert Cochran, Joel Surnow

Stars: Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Carlos Bernard

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Twin Peaks Season 1

Twin Peaks Season 1 (2017)

Twin Peaks 1 - HD-Subtitle - 9/18 - Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Picks up 25 years after the inhabitants of a quaint northwestern town are stunned when their homecoming queen is murdered.

Director: Mark Frost, David Lynch

Stars: Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, Mädchen Amick

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Bad Thief, Good Thief

Bad Thief, Good Thief (2017)

도둑놈, 도둑님 - HD-Subtitle - 20/50 - Crime, Comedy, Romance

In the world where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, ordinary citizens are losing their rights to pursue happiness. Against those who abuses their power and manipulate the system, righteous thieves have come to fight. Viewers will feel catharsis as they watch the thieves dismantle the corrupt system using their wits and courage. Also, the drama portrays the undying power of love and...

Director: Oh Kyung Hoon

Stars: Seo Hyun, Ji Hyun Woo, Im Ju Eun

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Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru (2017)

A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet - HD-Subtitle - 7/11 - Crime, Mystery

When Shoutarou Tatewaki first meets Sakurako Kujou, he knows his life will never be the same. Initially believing her to be responsible for a disappearance in the neighborhood, he later learns of her true talent: analyzing bone specimens. Sakurako has quite the collection of reconstructed animal bones, but she wishes she had more of the human variety, much to the chagrin of those around her....

Director: Yuichi Sato, Daiden Yamauchi

Stars: Mizuki Alisa, Fujigaya Taisuke, Takashima Masahiro, Shinkawa Yua

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Secret Forest

Secret Forest (2017)

Stranger - HD-Subtitle+Voice Subtitle - 12/16 - Crime, Thriller, Romance

A brain surgery during childhood caused prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok to lack emotion, even though he is rational. Cold and lonely, he's one of the only prosecutors not involved in corruption. He then meets Police Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin at a murder crime scene and they work together to eradicate corruption at the prosecutor's office and solve a serial murder case.

Director: Ahn Gil Ho

Stars: Jo Seung Woo, Bae Doo Na, Lee Joon Hyuk

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Castle Season 6

Castle Season 6 (2013)

Castle 6 - HD-Subtitle - 23/23 - Crime, Comedy, Thriller

After a serial killer imitates the plots of his novels, successful mystery novelist Richard "Rick" Castle receives permission from the Mayor of New York City to tag along with an NYPD homicide investigation team for research purposes.

Director: Andrew W. Marlowe

Stars: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan

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Undercover (2017)

卧底归来 - HD-Subtitle+Voice Subtitle - 43/43 - Action, Crime, Thriller

Police officer Bao Yu is working undercover as drug dealer Jin Fei's subordinate and is eventually able to work directly under powerful drug lord Tian Jing after befriending his daughter, Tang Guo. However, Bao Yu is not fighting the drug cartel alone - he also has a support network including fellow undercover colleague and romantic interest Guan Xiao Zhi, police chief Fang Qing Long and...


Stars: Zhang Jia Yi, Lin Shen, Liu Yi Jun, Li Qin

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Detective Conan

Detective Conan (1996)

Meitantei Conan - HD-Subtitle+Dubbing - 844/990 - Crime, Animation

Shinichi Kudou, a great mystery expert at only seventeen, is already well known for having solved several challenging cases. One day, when Shinichi sees two suspicious men and decides to follow them, he inadvertently becomes witness to a disturbing illegal activity. When the men catch Shinichi, they dose him with an experimental drug formulated by their criminal organization and abandon him to...

Director: Kenji Kodama

Stars: Updating...

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The Unlawful Justice Squad

The Unlawful Justice Squad (2017)

Legal Mavericks - HD-Subtitle - 6/28 - Crime, Thriller

Since losing his eyesight in an accident, Man Sun-Hop has been continually harassed and despised. But instead, his determination and perseverance are so reinforced that he has qualified as a barrister. He has also developed an acute sense beyond sight which helps him to gain the status of Blind Legal Knight in the legal profession. However, nobody really knows his true character. Fortunately,...


Stars: Wong Vincent, Choi Sisley, Lee Ali

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Will Power

Will Power (2013)

法外風雲 - HD-Dubbing - 30/30 - Crime, Thriller

The two well known laywers YU YING WAI and LEE MING YEUNG are against each other in court. Because YING WAI wanted to win a case, it almost cost him his life and after that incident, he had a new view on life. Experienced lawyer LO SAM BO viewed the changed WAI differently, and recruited him to join his law firm as a probate lawyer. Due to his debt, YEUNG was forced to go back and work at his...


Stars: Ngok Elliot, Chan Jason, Ng Christine

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Castle Season 2

Castle Season 2 (2009)

Castle 2 - HD-Subtitle - 24/24 - Crime, Comedy, Thriller

In the second series of this crime drama, Castle (Nathan Fillion) apologizes to Beckett (Stana Katic) for looking into her mother's murder case against her wishes, and their working relationship resumes. Beckett does eventually get a lead in her mother's case, however, she hits a dead end. Castle blames himself for this and offers to end their partnership, but Beckett asks him to stay....

Director: Andrew W. Marlowe

Stars: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan

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Castle Season 5

Castle Season 5 (2012)

Castle 5 - HD-Subtitle - 24/24 - Crime, Comedy, Thriller

Following four series of sexual tension between Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic), the fifth series opens with the two of them finally embarking on a romantic relationship together. However, they try to keep this new relationship a secret, particularly from their boss, Capt. Victoria Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald). Also, Beckett finally discovers who's responsible for her...

Director: Andrew W. Marlowe

Stars: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan

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