Through the Roof High Kick

Through the Roof High Kick (2009)

Unstoppable High Kick Season 2 - HD-Dubbing - 126/126 - Comedy, Thriller, Family

Shin Se Kyung and Shin Shin Ae (Seo Shin Ae) are a pair of sisters who came to work as maids in Foodstuff company President, Lee Sun Jae's house after their debt-ridden father 'Shin Dal Ho' (Jung Seok Yong) runs away leaving them to fend for themselves. Due to the sisters living their lives in the mountains, everything in the city (outside world) are both new and curious for them...


Stars: Lee Soon Jae, Oh Hyun Kyung, Jung Bo Seok

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Person Who Gives Happiness

Person Who Gives Happiness (2016)

행복을 주는 사람 - HD-Subtitle - 37/120 - Romance, Family

As a child, Eun-Hee and her younger sister Eun-A were placed in an orphanage and were eventually separated. As an adult, Eun-Hee has adopted Ha-Yoon, a young boy abandoned at birth, who has now become a recognizable child actor. Trouble brews for the two of them, when Ha-Yoon's birth mother appears and tries to take him back. Eun-Hee struggles to protect her son from his greedy birth mother...

Director: Lee Sung Joon

Stars: Lee Yoon Ji, Ha Yeon-Joo, Son Seung-Won, Lee Ha-Yul, Jo Yeon-Ho

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First Love Again

First Love Again (2016)

다시, 첫사랑 - HD-Subtitle - 47/104 - Romance, Family

Lee Ha-Jin and Cha Do-Yoon were deeply in love and planned to marry, but, because of circumstances standing in their way, she broke up with him cruelly. Eight years later the two of them meet again. Ha Jin has "erased" memories of her first love and is now enthusiastic about cooking. On the contrary, Do Yoon is still trapped in the past, full of vengeance and hatred toward her. To...

Director: Yoon Chang-Beom

Stars: Myung Se Bin, Kim Seung Soo, Park Jung Chul

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I'm Sorry Kang Nam-Goo

I'm Sorry Kang Nam-Goo (2016)

아임 쏘리 강남구 - HD-Subtitle - 36/120 - Romance, Family

A lethal but innocent love story of a man who only pursued success for his family towards a woman who lost everything after finding her husband's rich parents.

Director: Kim Hyo-Eon

Stars: Kim Min Seo, Park Sun Ho, Na Ya

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Good Person

Good Person (2016)

Good People - HD-Dubbing - 88/122 - Romance, Family

Jung-Won (Woo Hee-Jin) has a happy marriage with her husband. She works as an insurance saleswoman to support her family and she likes talking with other people. A sudden accident occurs that kills her husband and Jung-Won becomes involved in an incident. She is falsely accused and struggles to clear her name.

Director: Kim heung dong

Stars: Woo Hee Jin, Hyun Woo Sung, Lee Hyo Choon

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Golden Darling

Golden Darling (2016)

原來1家人 / Yuan Lai 1 Jia Ren - HD-Subtitle - 7/40 - Thriller, Family

The year is 2016. Huang Jin Fa and Yan Ru Yu get married after 30 days of the meeting. On the day of their housewarming party, they discover a strange object in their home, not knowing how it got there and where it's from. Turns out the object is actually a time machine. A 16-year-old woman emerges from the time machine and it is revealed that she is their daughter who has travelled 20...


Stars: Lan Pauline, Chiu Roy, Guo Shu Yao

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Golden Pouch

Golden Pouch (2016)

황금주머니 - HD-Subtitle - 66/120 - Romance, Family

When Han Seok Hoon was little, he was adopted by a family in the United States. He returns to Korea as an adult and works as an excellent surgeon, but he falls into a bottomless pit after losing his memory in a car accident. Through his journey to get his memories back, he meets with his lover and learns the true meaning of family and love.

Director: Kim Dae Jin

Stars: Kim Ji Han, Hyo Young, Lee Sun Ho

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Father Is Strange

Father Is Strange (2017)

아버지가 이상해 - HD-Subtitle - 40/50 - Comedy, Thriller, Romance, Family

This drama is about a family that lives on the outskirts of Seoul. Byun Han Soo is the father and His wife, Na Yeong Shil is a dedicated, responsible mother to his three daughters and one son including Hye Yeong, Mi Yeong, Ra Yeong, and Joon Young. Suddenly one day, Ahn Joong Hee shows up at the household and declares that he is the son of the family. Joong Hee is an actor who used to be a...


Stars: Kim Young Cheol, Kim Hae Sookm, Ryu Soo Young

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You Are Too Much

You Are Too Much (2017)

당신은 너무합니다 - HD-Subtitle+Voice Subtitle - 38/50 - Romance, Sport, Musical, Family

A pop singer who’s been beloved by the public for twenty years, with an elegant and confident outer image, hides her loneliness and pain, after having left behind a young son in order to pursue her career in her early days. She achieved the success she’d sought, but it left a hole in her heart.

Director: Baek Ho Min

Stars: Gu Hye Seon, Jang Hee Jin, Uhm Jung Hwa

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Unni is Alive

Unni is Alive (2017)

언니는 살아있다 - HD-Subtitle - 28/50 - Romance, Family

Sister Is Alive is about three women who each deal with some type of emotional trauma. They come together and bond over their similar suffering and form deep friendships. Becoming so close they decide to adopt a baby together as a form of healing for each girl.

Director: Choi Young Hoon

Stars: Kim Joo Hyun, Jang Seo Hee, Oh Yoon Ah

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It's a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life (1947)

It's a Wonderful Life - HD-Subtitle - 2h 10min - Romance, Family

An angel is sent from Heaven to help a desperately frustrated businessman by showing him what life would have been like if he had never existed.

Director: Frank Capra

Stars: James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore

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Still Loving You

Still Loving You (2016)

빛나라 은수 - HD-Subtitle - 60/125 - Romance, Family

The tale of former teacher and student, Oh Eun Soo and Kim Bit Na, who meet again years later after they married brothers, Yoon Soo Ho and Yoon Soo Hyun. They even become stepsisters after remarriage of their parents.

Director: Kwak Ki-Won

Stars: Kim Dong Jun, Lee Young Eun, Park Ha Na

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7 Days In Life

7 Days In Life (2011)

Romance of the seven-day quarantine - HD-Dubbing - 19/19 - Thriller, Family

Calvin and Christy, a pair of professional thieves, are quarantined in Wonderful Harbour Hotel for 7 days after the Hong Kong government discovers a guest at the hotel who is diagnosed with H1N1. The couple encounters a cop, a bellboy, a prostitute, a news reporter, a legendary thief, and several other rich and poor hotel guests and employees whom reluctantly bond together during their stay in...


Stars: Wong Bosco, Ma Steven, Kwok Sonija

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Always Spring

Always Spring (2016)

언제나 봄날 - HD-Subtitle - 54/122 - Romance, Family

Through the comparison of conditional and pure love, this drama looks into the understanding of realistic love and marriage by the young generation today and looks for the true meaning of love and marriage.

Director: Lee Hyeong-Sun

Stars: Kim So Hye, Kang Byul Kwon Hyun Sang

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Empire of Gold

Empire of Gold (2013)

Golden Empire - HD-Dubbing - 24/24 - Thriller, Family

A power struggle between three people in one chaebol empire for 20 years from the turbulent era of Korean finance in the early 1990s to 2010s. Jang Tae Joo is a young man who fights to build up his so-called empire of gold from nothing after his father dies. In order to achieve his dream he marries Choi Seo Yoon, the chaebol heiress of Sung Jin Group. Sung Jin Group battle over ensures between...

Director: Jo Nam-Gook

Stars: Go Soo, Lee Yo Won, Son Hyun Joo

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Storm In A Cocoon

Storm In A Cocoon (2014)

Property Protector - HD-Dubbing - 31/31 - Thriller, Family

"Wing Tai Lung" is Guangzhou's largest silk factory during its time. The owner POON WING LIN is growing old and has passed on the business to his eldest son POON KA HIN and second daughter POON HAU YEE to manage, but unexpectedly HAU YEE strangely commits suicide. Youngest son POON KA YEUNG is a military doctor, who returns home after completing his service and takes over the...


Stars: Yeung Tavia, Hong Akina, Cho Raymond

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Outbound Love

Outbound Love (2014)

單戀雙城 - HD-Dubbing - 21/22 - Thriller, Family

In order to develop new business, LAW SIK-SIK, who works for a travel agency, goes to Malaysia to have a meeting with her client. Unexpectedly, her plans are ruined by a local cunning tour guide, LUK KUNG-CHI, resulting in a falling-out between the two. All of a sudden, SIK-SIK"s boyfriend CHING CHIN-BOK appears to propose marriage to her. The pair start preparing for their wedding...


Stars: Chan Aimee, Hung Tony, Chan Ruco

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The Secret of Birth

The Secret of Birth (2013)

Birth Secret - HD-Dubbing - 18/18 - Thriller, Family

Director: Kim Jong Hyeok

Stars: Updating...

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One Warm Word

One Warm Word (2013)

Word From A Warm Heart - HD-Subtitle - 20/20 - Romance, Family

The story of two married couples in danger of unraveling as the husband and wife find themselves attracted to other people. Na Eun Jin is a hardworking, positive, and bright woman who encounters feeling of disappointment because of her cheating husband and other events, which makes her find the new side of herself. Meanwhile, Yoo Jae Hak is a successful CEO, respectable father of two sons, and...

Director: Choi Young Hoon

Stars: Ji Jin Hee, Han Hye Jin, Kim Jee Soo

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Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat

Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat ()

Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart - HD-Subtitle - 1/12 - Family, Animation

Nora Handa is a boy who lives with Shachi Yuuri, who was adopted by his mother. With everyone supporting, the two of them grew up healthily even after their parents passed away. Shachi, who likes Nora the most, wakes him up every morning. Nora spends his happy student life with Michi Kuroki, who is a disciplinary committee, honor student at school and childhood friend of the main character,...


Stars: Updating...

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