A Portrait of Jianghu: Mourning Toast

A Portrait of Jianghu: Mourning Toast (2016)

画江湖之杯莫停 - HD-Subtitle - 33/40 - Kungfu, Animation

Genre: 3D animation, martial arts, witchcraft Episodes: 40 epi Broadcast time: 07/12/2016 Broadcast schedule: every Wednesday Director: Concern General Director: Liu Tat Produced by: Beijing Rocen Digital Technology Co., Ltd


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Ode to Gallantry

Ode to Gallantry (2017)

侠客行 - HD-Subtitle+Voice Subtitle - 32/32 - Kungfu, Historical, Romance

Shi Qing and his wife have two sons. The younger son Shi Zhong Jian was killed by a vile woman who was obsessed with Shi Qing. Because of the loss of a child, the eldest son Shi Zhong Yu was raised coddled and spoiled by his mother. Left with no choice, Shi Qing sends his son away hoping that he will make a man out of himself under the tutelage of Lin Yun City. Three years later, it is said...


Stars: Zhang Jenny, Ma Ling, Sun Kris

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The Emperor And I

The Emperor And I (1994)

Fong Sai Yuk Yue Gon Lung Wong - HD-Dubbing - 20/20 - Kungfu, Historical

A series about the friendship between Fong Sai Yuk and the Qianlong Emperor.


Stars: Cheung Eddie, Ngai Marco

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Jing Wu Chen Zhen

Jing Wu Chen Zhen (2008)

Legend of the Fist - HD-Dubbing - 30/30 - Kungfu, Thriller

The film is a continuation of the 1994 film Fist of Legend starring Jet Li, with Donnie Yen as Chen Zhen, a role made famous by Bruce Lee in the 1972 film Fist of Fury.


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Tracking Knights Phantom

Tracking Knights Phantom (2011)

Xin Ping Zong Xia Ying - HD-Voice Subtitle - 37/37 - Kungfu, Historical, Romance

The famous novel Pingtung Photo Association of the late writer Luong Vu Sinh has been repeatedly put on the screen. Previously there were three television dramas, the 76th edition of Giai Thi HK (Tran Cuong, Duong Phan Phan), the 85th edition of the ATV (Liu Tung Nhan, Me Tuyet) was considered classic; Recently in 2003, by Fan Bingbing, Huynh Hai Bing (in Vietnam with the heroic name of Ngo...

Director: Raymond Lee

Stars: Jie Dong, Damian Lau, Yueming Pan

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House of Flying Daggers

House of Flying Daggers (2004)

Shi mian mai fu - HD-Subtitle - 1h 59min - Kungfu, Historical, Romance

A romantic police captain breaks a beautiful member of a rebel group out of prison to help her rejoin her fellows, but things are not what they seem.

Director: Yimou Zhang

Stars: Ziyi Zhang, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau

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Men with Sword 2

Men with Sword 2 (2017)

Assassin 2 - HD-Subtitle - 2/20 - Kungfu, Historical

Continuation of where Men with swords left off. Where Kings plat to conquer lands, the assassins they send. The struggle for power and the manipulations of the court officials will test the bonds between assassins and Kings. Where One king will rule all the Land..


Stars: Xiong Dylan, Ma Evan, Yi Ian

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Men with Swords

Men with Swords (2016)

刺客列传 - HD-Subtitle - 30/30 - Kungfu, Historical

Thunder crackles, territories split, warlords rise. The emperor worshiped by all the lands dies from an assassination, triggering a war that rages on for centuries. Four vassal states divide the central territory amongst themselves and rise to power, each reigning over their respective land. After Qiu Zhen, the assassin sent by Tianxuan Kingdom, succesfully kills the Jutian Kingdom's...


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Karate Girl

Karate Girl (2011)

K.G. - HD-Subtitle - 91min - Action, Kungfu

A mysterious group kidnap a girl's sister. Years later, the group reappears and she is determined to get her sister back.

Director: Yoshikatsu Kimura

Stars: Rina Takeda, Hina Tobimatsu, Tatsuya Naka

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Karate Kill

Karate Kill (2016)

Karate Kill - HD-Subtitle - 1h 29min - Action, Kungfu, Horror

When a mysterious loner and Karate master Kenji's little sister goes missing in Los Angeles, whoever stands in his way of finding her will face the wrath of a lethal KARATE KILL!

Director: Kurando Mitsutake

Stars: Asami, Katarina Leigh Waters, Jeffrey James Lippold

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Painted Heart

Painted Heart (2017)

Hua Xin Shi - HD-Subtitle - 20/20 - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Kungfu, Historical, Romance

The series is about the struggle between two opposing schools of thought. Hua Xin Shi are those that collect the pure sentiments of people after they learn to let go of their obsession. Yang Xin Shi are those who collect the impure thoughts of people consumed by their own insecurities.


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Tai Chi Pioneer

Tai Chi Pioneer (2016)

Tai Chi Pioneer - HD-Subtitle - 97min - Kungfu, Historical

Wishing to help the weak to claim justice, uphold the spirit of martial arts, Willow Mui Pham - a high-profile extreme right open martial arts teaching martial arts. However, the evil forces repeatedly sought his martial arts, which caused Muhammad and his disciples to be involved in trouble. Will the cause win?


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Fighter of the Destiny

Fighter of the Destiny (2017)

择天记 - HD-Subtitle+Voice Subtitle - 56/56 - Kungfu, Historical, Thriller, Romance

Chun Chang Sheng was abandoned in a flowing river and plucked up by a Taoist monk. He’s actually the fourth Prince of the Chen’s Royal bloodline. He’s plagued with an incurable illness, fated not to live past the age of 20. To find a cure, he leaves his temple, armed with a promise of marriage scroll, to become a student at a famous academy. He meets Xu You Rong and they slowly fall in love...

Director: Zhong Shujia

Stars: Lu Han, Bextiyar Gülnezer, Wu Janice

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Baki the Grappler

Baki the Grappler (2001)

グラップラー刃牙 - HD-Subtitle - 48/48 - Kungfu, Animation

Baki Hanma is a young fighter who yearns to follow in the footsteps of his father, Yujiro, and become the strongest fighter in the world. Through that he trains tirelessly and fights constantly to hone his skills and develop his body to achieve these goals. Many intense battles lay ahead of Baki as he goes about his quest to be the best and ultimately take the title of "King" from his...


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Taichi Master

Taichi Master (2017)

太极宗师之太极门 - HD-Subtitle - 40/40 - Kungfu, Historical, Romance

Taichi Master 太极宗师之太极门 is a Chinese TV series telling the story of a frivolous young man who later transforms into a taichi grandmaster, yet the story is more complicated than that involving a nation's struggle, a fighter's honor and a family's pride. Needless to say, it's a lot of dramatic stuff in what seems to be a promising action series, I mean come on, all the characters...


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Xiya Hero

Xiya Hero (2016)

Xiya Hero - HD-Subtitle - 26/30 - Kungfu, Historical, Romance

Put in the context of old, the friendship has turned into a kind of post-Wixong era career, people just need to participate as a college entrance examination or examination, the same as the examination rules, there is hope The great protagonist, whose protagonist is passionate about scientific discovery, unexpectedly invests in mysterious martial arts, thus opening a new era for the martial...


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Longmen Express

Longmen Express (2013)

Long Men Biao Ju - HD-Subtitle - 40/40 - Comedy, Kungfu, Historical, Thriller

The series follows a group of workers at a delivery/security guard agency, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior and action-packed comedy.


Stars: Zhang Rui Han, Li Qian, Yang Hao Yu

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Rise Of The Legend

Rise Of The Legend (2014)

Huang feihong zhi yingxiong you meng - HD-Subtitle - 130 min - Action, Kungfu, Historical, Thriller

An orphan, whose father has been killed by dark power, attempts to bring justice back to the town.

Director: Chow Hin Yeung Roy

Stars: Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Eddie Peng, Luodan Wang

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Kung Fu Killer / Kung Fu Jungle

Kung Fu Killer / Kung Fu Jungle (2014)

Yi ge ren de wu lin - HD-Subtitle - 1h 40min - Action, Crime, Kungfu

A martial arts instructor from the police force gets imprisoned after killing a man by accident. But when a vicious killer starts targeting martial arts masters, the instructor offers to help the police in return for his freedom.

Director: Teddy Chan

Stars: Donnie Yen, Baoqiang Wang, Charlie Yeung

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Da Mo Gu Xia

Da Mo Gu Xia (2017)

大漠孤侠 - HD-Subtitle - 1h14min - Kungfu, Historical

In the year of Chengghu, the master of the East Wing, master of conspiracies, attempted to slaughter the medium. During one of his attacks, the loyal Chinatown commander escaped death and was chased to the desert. Fortunately, he was short of the owner of the gods, who had saved lives


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