Save Me

Save Me (2017)

Goohaejwoe - HD-Subtitle - 14/16 - Action, Mystery, Thriller

A girl is surrounded by suspicious people and quietly whispers, “Save me!” in a dark neighborhood alleyway, and a couple of unemployed youths hear her and run to her rescue. They discover that she’s trapped in some kind of pseudo-religious cult and try to help her, but what ensues is a sequence of horrifying tension-filled events that make us wonder more about the science of the human...

Director: Kim Sung Soo

Stars: Seo Ye Ji, Ok Taec Yeon, Jo Sung Ha, Woo Do Hwan, Jo Jae Yun, Lee David

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Bloody Crayons

Bloody Crayons (2017)

Bloody Crayons - HD-Subtitle - 1h 49min - Horror, Mystery

A group of graduating students goes to an island for a short film project when they are rattled by a mysterious killer who strives to kill all of them.

Director: Topel Lee

Stars: Ronnie Alonte, Janella Salvador, Elmo Magalona

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While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping (2017)

Dangshini Jamdeun Saie - HD-Subtitle - 2/32 - Mystery, Thriller, Romance

A supernatural romance about a woman who can see the future in her dreams, and a prosecutor who fights to stop these future events from happening. The heroine has dreams about unfortunate events that will happen to other people, and the hero is a prosecutor who runs around trying to prevent her tragic visions from coming true.

Director: Oh Choong-Hwan

Stars: Suzy, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Sang Yeob, Go Sung Hee, Jung Hae In, Park Jin Joo

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Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds (2017)

크리미널 마인드 - HD-Subtitle - 16/20 - Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Profilers investigate cases from the perspective of the criminals to solve the cases. ~~ A remake of CBS's "Criminal Minds".

Director: Lee Jung Hyo, Yang Yoon Ho

Stars: Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won, Son Hyun Joo, Lee Seon Bin, Kim Young Chul, Go Yoon

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Reunited Worlds

Reunited Worlds (2017)

Dashi Mannan Segye - HD-Subtitle - 34/40 - Mystery, Romance

Although originally born in the same year, two childhood friends end up being 12 years apart because they have aged at different places (worlds) for some strange reason. Sung Hae Sung disappears after a mysterious accident. 12 years later, he suddenly appears again. He is now 31-years-old, but he still has the appearance and personality of when he was 19. Sung Hae Sung gets involved in a...

Director: Baek Soo Chan

Stars: Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Yun Hee, Ahn Jae Hyun

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Midnight, Texas Season 1

Midnight, Texas Season 1 (2017)

Midnight, Texas 1 - HD-Subtitle - 9/10 - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

Midnight is a safe haven for those who are different, but with the presence of outsiders, the residents band together and form a strong and unlikely family.

Director: Monica Breen

Stars: François Arnaud, Dylan Bruce, Parisa Fitz-Henley

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12 Feet Deep

12 Feet Deep (2016)

The Deep End - HD-Subtitle - 1h 25min - Mystery, Thriller

Inspired by true events, two sisters are trapped under the fiberglass cover of an Olympic sized public pool and must brave the cold and each other to survive the harrowing night.

Director: Matt Eskandari

Stars: Tobin Bell, Diane Farr, Nora-Jane Noone

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Rememory (2017)

Rememory - HD-Subtitle - 1h 51min - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

The widow of a wise professor stumbles upon one of his inventions that's able to record and play a person's memory.

Director: Mark Palansky

Stars: Peter Dinklage, Matt Ellis, Jordana Largy

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Twin Peaks Season 1

Twin Peaks Season 1 (2017)

Twin Peaks 1 - HD-Subtitle - 16/18 - Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Picks up 25 years after the inhabitants of a quaint northwestern town are stunned when their homecoming queen is murdered.

Director: Mark Frost, David Lynch

Stars: Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, Mädchen Amick

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The Sense of an Ending

The Sense of an Ending (2017)

The Sense of an Ending - HD-Subtitle - 1h 48min - Mystery, Thriller

A man becomes haunted by his past and is presented with a mysterious legacy that causes him to re-think his current situation in life.

Director: Ritesh Batra

Stars: Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling, Harriet Walter

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Day And Night

Day And Night (2017)

Bai Ye Zhui Xiong - HD-Subtitle - 2/30 - Crime, Mystery

The usually carefree Guan Hong Yu gets accused of having murdered a whole family. To clear his younger twin brother’s charge, the team leader of the criminal investigation department Guan Hong Feng wants to take on this case, but since he’s a relative, he’s not allowed to participate in the investigation. A new team leader named Zhou Xun is assigned and ends up seeking Hong Feng’s help. Zhou...


Stars: Pan Yue Ming, Wang Long Zheng

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It Comes at Night

It Comes at Night (2017)

It Comes at Night - HD-Subtitle - 1h 31min - Horror, Mystery

Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, a man has established a tenuous domestic order with his wife and son. Then a desperate young family arrives seeking refuge.

Director: Trey Edward Shults

Stars: Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo

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Soul Ferryman

Soul Ferryman (2014)

Soul Ferryman - HD-Subtitle - 26/46 - Horror, Mystery

Xia Dongqing, a 24-year-old student who is rushing to find more jobs, received an email announcing the recruitment of the 444 grocery store one day. He had a yin-yang's eyes and had an unhappy life. From childhood at the orphanage. After going to work, find out that the shopkeeper turns out to be the Black Knight who extracts the soul. Since then, the life of Xia Dongqing met a lot of changes.


Stars: Updating...

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Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru (2017)

A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet - HD-Subtitle - 10/10 - Crime, Mystery

When Shoutarou Tatewaki first meets Sakurako Kujou, he knows his life will never be the same. Initially believing her to be responsible for a disappearance in the neighborhood, he later learns of her true talent: analyzing bone specimens. Sakurako has quite the collection of reconstructed animal bones, but she wishes she had more of the human variety, much to the chagrin of those around her....

Director: Yuichi Sato, Daiden Yamauchi

Stars: Mizuki Alisa, Fujigaya Taisuke, Takashima Masahiro, Shinkawa Yua

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Unlocked (2017)

Unlocked - HD-Subtitle - 1h 38min - Action, Mystery, Thriller

A CIA interrogator is lured into a ruse that puts London at risk of a biological attack.

Director: Michael Apted

Stars: Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, Toni Collette

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The Tomb of Ghost Blows Out the Light

The Tomb of Ghost Blows Out the Light (2017)

Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave - HD-Subtitle - 20/20 - Action, Adventure, Mystery

The drama tells the story of young Hu Ba Yi in the 1960s, when he was only a college student, in his first adventure that led him to become a famous tomb-specialist and how he also met his future team members and friends.


Stars: Ruan Ethan, Xu Lu, Liu Ryan

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Death Note

Death Note (2017)

Death Note - HD-Subtitle - 1h 41min - Horror, Mystery

Light Turner, a bright student, stumbles across a mystical notebook that has the power to kill any person whose name he writes in it. Light decides to launch a secret crusade to rid the streets of criminals. Soon, the student-turned-vigilante finds himself pursued by a famous detective known only by the alias L.

Director: Adam Wingard

Stars: Nat Wolff, Lakeith Stanfield, Margaret Qualley

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Kudo Shinichi E No Chousenjou Live Action

Kudo Shinichi E No Chousenjou Live Action (2011)

Meitantei Conan Live Action - HD-Subtitle - 13/13 - Crime, Mystery

High school student Shinichi Kudo (Junpei Mizobata) and childhood friend Ran Mouri (Shiori Kutsuna) are private detectives. Right after they leave a nail salon on the first floor of a mansion they hear a man screaming. When Shinichi and Ran arrive there, cameraman Yuhei Tsubouchi (Akira) and an assistant lie on the ground bleeding. The owner of the house and model Momoko Aida are dead. The...

Director: Takeshi Shirakawa

Stars: Junpei Mizobata, Shioli Kutsuna, Masao Kusakari

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The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye (2017)

Long Goodbye - HD-Subtitle - 2/5 - Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Set in Tokyo, Japan during the 1950's. Tamotsu is suspected of murdering his actress wife Shizuka Harada. He flees to Taiwan and commits suicide. Tamotsu’s friend Banji Masuzawa works as a private detective. Banji has doubts about Tamotsu’s death, but the case is covered up by powerful media mogul Heizo Harada. Banji is then involved in another case involving the neighbors of the Harada...


Stars: Koyuki, Furuta Arata, Asano Tadanobu, Ayano Go

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The House That Never Dies 2

The House That Never Dies 2 (2017)

Jing Cheng 81 Hao 2 - HD-Subtitle - 1h30min - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Story based on the legendary mansion at No. 81 on Chaoyangmennei Street in Beijing, which local legend says is haunted by the ghost of a Kuomintang official's wife, who committed suicide in the home around the time of the Cultural Revolution. The film follows Xu Ruoqing a woman whose presence in the notorious mansion draws up the spirits that have taken residence there.

Director: Wai Man Yip

Stars: Francis Ng, Ruby Lin, Tony Yo-ning Yang

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