Robot Mom

Robot Mom (2012)

Mich gibt's nur zweimal - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1 hr. 40 min. - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy

When her husband Jan admits his advertising agency is bankrupt, product designer Katrin is faced with two choices: either they move out of their comfortable home or she must take an unrewarding job designing new sanitary facilities for a luxury hotel. The burden of her job, kids and household quickly becomes too much - until Katrin discovers a website offering free testing of high-tech...

Director: Oliver Dommenget

Stars: Valerie Niehaus, Oliver Mommsen, Marie-Lou Bäumer

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Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Raiders Of The Lost Ark (2017)

Raiders Of The Lost Ark - HD-Voice Subtitle - 88min - Comedy

Legend has it that about 2,000 years ago, a mysterious wolf family possessed a demonic stone mask. Archaeologist Phung Nhieu happened to know his brother holding the key to open the relic in the legend should steal away. From there, adventure adventure with many reluctant members ...


Stars: Updating...

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Pokémon 3: The Movie

Pokémon 3: The Movie (2000)

Gekijô-ban poketto monsutâ: Kesshô-tô no teiô - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 33min - Adventure, Animation

In the town of Greenfield, a young, lonely girl's dreams and wishes are brought into reality by a collective of reality-warping Pokémon.

Director: Kunihiko Yuyama

Stars: Rica Matsumoto, Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis

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Storm Rider Clash of the Evils

Storm Rider Clash of the Evils (2008)

Feng Yun Jue - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 38min - Action, Animation

When some of the greatest swordsmen in the world are brutally murdered, Wind, Cloud, and the massacre's only survivor, Ngou, battle for a blood that holds powerful gifts.

Director: Dante Lam

Stars: Nicholas Tse, Raymond Lam, Richie Jen

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Jurassic City

Jurassic City (2015)

Jurassic City - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 28min - Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Prehistoric animals emerge from a science lab and tear up most of Los Angeles.

Director: Sean Cain

Stars: Ray Wise, Kevin Gage, Dana Melanie

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Wild 7

Wild 7 (2011)

Wairudo 7 - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 49min - Action

With crime rising, the police force created the motorcycle unit , 'The Wild 7', a group of ex criminals. Together, the Wild 7 are tasked with taking out the criminals that the police cannot touch.

Director: Eiichirô Hasumi

Stars: Kippei Shîna, Kyoko Fukada, Eita

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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super (2015)

Doragon bôru cho - HD-Subtitle+Voice Subtitle - 116/145 - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation

Some time after Future Trunks returns home, Zenō and Future Zenō hold a new tournament called the Tournament of Power (力の大会 Chikara no Taikai). The multiverse tournament features teams of fighters from each universe by Goku's suggestion. However, it becomes a battle for survival when both kings declare that the universes defeated at the tournament will be erased. Goku, Vegeta,...

Director: Akira Toriyama

Stars: Masako Nozawa, Hiromi Tsuru, Ryô Horikawa

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Kamikaze Girls

Kamikaze Girls (2004)

Shimotsuma monogatari - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 42min - Comedy

Momoko, a strange and seemingly emotionless girl obsessed with 18th century France, befriends a Yanki biker and the two experience the ups and downs of their unusual lives in a rural Japanese town.

Director: Tetsuya Nakashima

Stars: Kyoko Fukada, Anna Tsuchiya, Hiroyuki Miyasako

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Genghis: The Legend of the Ten

Genghis: The Legend of the Ten (2012)

Genghis: The Legend of the Ten - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 31min - Action, War, Historical

A little known fact is that Chinggis Khaan, better known as Genghis Khan, would collect orphans from his bloody battlefields and have his own mother raise them. These adopted brothers grew up to become his most loyal officials and advisers. Khaan organised his Mongol soldiers into groups according to the decimal system. Soldiers were arranged in units of 10 ("aravt"), 100...

Director: Zolbayar Dorj

Stars: T. Altanshagai, B. Amarcanihan, C. Ariunbyamba

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Mars Needs Moms

Mars Needs Moms (2011)

Mars Needs Moms - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 28min - Family, Animation

A young boy named Milo gains a deeper appreciation for his mom after Martians come to Earth to take her away.

Director: Simon Wells

Stars: Seth Green, Joan Cusack, Dan Fogler

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Munich (2005)

Munich - HD-Voice Subtitle - 2h 44min - Action, Romance

Based on the true story of the Black September aftermath, about the five men chosen to eliminate the ones responsible for that fateful day.

Director: Steven Spielberg

Stars: Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Marie-Josée Croze

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The Watcher

The Watcher (2000)

The Watcher - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 37min - Crime, Horror, Mystery

David Allen Griffin is a cool killer- time and time again, he chooses a female victim, studies her for weeks till he knows her routine to the smallest detail, makes meticulous preparations using his forensic knowledge to gain entry when she's quite alone, subdues her and administers a long, torturous death. Joel Campbell got so frustrated by his failure to capture Griffin in Los Angeles,...

Director: Joe Charbanic

Stars: James Spader, Keanu Reeves, Marisa Tomei

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Fractured (2013)

Fractured - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 31min - Action, Romance

After awakening from a coma with no idea who he is, Dylan White (Callum Blue) creates a safe and normal life for himself. It doesn't last long: horrifying visions start to interrupt his waking moments. Following clues that take him to the dark underbelly of New Orleans, Dylan meets his arch nemesis Quincy (Vinnie Jones) and soon finds that both his life and soul are in danger. FRACTURED is...

Director: Adam Gierasch

Stars: Callum Blue, Vinnie Jones, Ashlynn Yennie

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The Hitcher

The Hitcher (2007)

The Hitcher - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 24min - Action, Horror

A serial killer pins his crimes on two college students who gave him a ride.

Director: Dave Meyers

Stars: Sean Bean, Sophia Bush, Zachary Knighton

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Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back

Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back (2011)

Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1 hr. 40 min. - Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

When the "Rising Dark Agency," a black ops division of the Government headed by Colonel Haggerd (Michael Ironside), suspects that a sudden surge of supernatural activity and violent attacks on Earth are the work of an evil Demon-God capable of destroying worlds, it must call upon the services of super soldier Summer Vale to solve the mystery and prevent the coming apocalypse. But no...

Director: Andrew Cymek

Stars: Brigitte Kingsley, Julia Schneider, Landy Cannon

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Wer (2013)

Wer - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 29min - Action, Horror, Mystery

A defense attorney begins to suspect that there might be more to her client, who is charged with the murders of a vacationing family, than meets the eye.

Director: William Brent Bell

Stars: A.J. Cook, Sebastian Roché, Vik Sahay

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Decoding Annie Parker

Decoding Annie Parker (2013)

Decoding Annie Parker - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 31min - Thriller

Love, science, sex, infidelity, disease and comedy, the wild, mostly true story of the irrepressible Annie Parker and the almost discovery of a cure for cancer.

Director: Steven Bernstein

Stars: Helen Hunt, Samantha Morton, Aaron Paul

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Escape Route

Escape Route (2016)

Escape Route - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1 hr. 40 min. - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy

This is a story about a young man's personal growth. Xiaoyi is a rich kids who never learned to take on responsibilities. The situation got worse after the passing of his father as he was drowning himself in alcohol. One time a very bad hangover made him crossed over to a twilight zone, in that space he met with many historic figures, learned many lessons about life and rediscovered himself.

Director: Wu Lin

Stars: Park Ha-Sun, He Yunwei, Yishan Zhang

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Vertical Limit

Vertical Limit (2000)

Vertical Limit - HD-Voice Subtitle - 2h 4min - Action, Adventure, Thriller

A climber must rescue his sister on top of K2, one of the world's biggest mountains.

Director: Martin Campbell

Stars: Scott Glenn, Chris O'Donnell, Bill Paxton

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The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

The Adventures of Tintin - HD-Voice Subtitle - 1h 47min - Adventure, Animation

Intrepid reporter Tintin and Captain Haddock set off on a treasure hunt for a sunken ship commanded by Haddock's ancestor.

Director: Steven Spielberg

Stars: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Daniel Craig

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