GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack!

GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack! (2012)

ギョ - HD-Subtitle - 1 hr. 10 min - Adventure, Animation

Something in Okinawa reeks, and it isn't long before Kaori and her friends realize that the smell is coming from dead fish, which are walking out of the sea. The fish are fused to metal legs and are infected with a disease contractable by humans that was invented as a weapon by unknown sources. After what happens to Tadashi, Kaori finds herself in a new world very much like the old one but...


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Liar Game: Reborn

Liar Game: Reborn (2012)

Raiâ gêmu: Saisei - HD-Subtitle - 1h30min - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Thriller

College graduate Yu Shinomiya is invited to the Liar Game, which has been restarted by funding from new investors. She turns to her psychology professor for help, who is none other than Shinichi Akiyama, former Liar Game champion. He advises her to ignore the invitation, but afraid of the penalty fee should she do so, she decides to participate. Soon, Akiyama is issued an invitation of his own...

Director: Hiroaki Matsuyama

Stars: Shôta Matsuda, Mikako Tabe, Hirofumi Arai

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The Raven

The Raven (2012)

The Raven - HD-Subtitle - 1h 50min - Crime, Mystery

When a madman begins committing horrific murders inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's works, a young Baltimore detective joins forces with Poe to stop him from making his stories a reality.

Director: James McTeigue

Stars: John Cusack, Alice Eve, Luke Evans

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Love 911

Love 911 (2012)

Band Aid - HD-Voice Subtitle - 2 hr. 0 min. - Comedy, Romance

A fire fighter, who lost his wife, & a doctor, who doesn't open her mind to others, meet. Through each other they are able to cure the scars they hold internally and slowly open their minds.

Director: Jung Ki-Hun

Stars: Go Soo, Han Hyo Joo, Jin Seo Yun

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Aka Like Love

Aka Like Love (2012)

Chob Kod Like Chai Kod Love - HD-Subtitle - 111min - Comedy, Romance

A romantic story of a perfect guy who lacks courage to approach girls, a new flight attendant with very high standards for boys, and two friends who make a living by setting up a love confession business on the Internet.

Director: Pakphum Wongjinda

Stars: Patiparn Pataweekarn, Sushar Manaying, Angkun Thanasupjaroen

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Perfect Two

Perfect Two (2012)

A Match Made By Heaven - HD-Subtitle - 1 hr. 36 min. - Comedy, Romance, Animation

Ah B (Vic Zhou) is a well-known racing champion who lost his fame and fortune due to an accident. To make things worse, his wife leaves him and he turns to smoking, drinking and gambling to get through life. One day, Ah B's wife (Yang Mi) who has disappeared for six years reappears with a boy named Bin Bin (Xiao Xiao Bin), claiming that Bin Bin is his son and that she has to leave him under...

Director: Yen-Ping Chu

Stars: Chou Vic, Wen Benny, Chen Ella, Hsu Vivian

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First Kiss

First Kiss (2012)

Rak Sud Tai Pai Na - HD-Subtitle - 106min - Comedy, Romance

Sa, 25 years of age never had a boyfriend and has never kissed someone her entire life. While riding a bus from work, she meets Bass, a high school student, when they accidentally share a light kiss on the lips. Bass got hooked on the woman who's almost 10 years older than he is and is now determined to win her heart. Things got more complicated when Sa’s first love comes back to her life...

Director: Kirati Nakintanon

Stars: Thakrit Thamannopjit, Jaksamittanon Kaneungnij, Bumrungkit Pimnitchakun

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Perfect Number

Perfect Number (2012)

Yong-eui-ja X - HD-Subtitle+Voice Subtitle - 1h 59min - Crime, Romance

Brilliant math teacher formulates the perfect cover-up, after his neighbor murders her abusive ex-husband.

Director: Eun-jin Pang

Stars: Seung-bum Ryoo, Yo-won Lee, Jin-woong Jo

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Runway Cop

Runway Cop (2012)

Cha Hyeongsa - HD-Subtitle - 1h 50min - Action, Comedy

Detective Cha, a filthy and smelly cop must become a model to investigate the drug trafficking case around runway business. Can he change himself to solve the case?

Director: Shin Tae-ra

Stars: Ji-Hwan Kang, Yu-ri Sung, Soo-hyuk Lee

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Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress

Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress (2012)

Fuse: Teppou Musume no Torimonochou - HD-Subtitle - 45min - Adventure, Animation

In Kyokutei Bakin's classic Japanese epic novel Nansou Satomi Hakkenden, eight samurai serve the Satomi clan during Japan's tumultuous Sengoku (Warring States) era. The Edo-era samurai are the reincarnations of the spirits that Princess Fuse mothered with a dog named Yatsufusa. In Fuse Gansaku: Satomi Hakkenden, the female hunter Hamaji comes to her brother in order to hunt Fuse....


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Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 2: Eternal

Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 2: Eternal (2012)

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Movie 2: Eien no Monogatari - HD-Subtitle - 55min - Adventure, Animation

Though Sayaka Miki's wish was fulfilled, the unforeseen consequences that came with it overwhelm her, causing her soul gem to become tainted as she succumbs to despair and eventually loses her humanity. Homura Akemi reveals to Kyouko Sakura and Madoka Kaname the ultimate fate of magical girls: once their soul gem becomes tainted, it transforms into a Grief Seed, and they are reborn as...


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Koiken!: Watashitachi Anime ni Nacchatta!

Koiken!: Watashitachi Anime ni Nacchatta! (2012)

Koi-ken!: Watashitachi Anime ni Nacchatta! - HD-Subtitle - 54min - Adventure, Animation

Koi-Ken Love Research club member Kaede Wakamiya comments that being an idol must be extremely easy—a comment that irritates idol Nagisa Toyama. At the suggestion of her manager, all female members of the KoiKen club are invited to become an idol unit with Nagisa. Kaede then realizes that maybe being an idol isn't so easy after all...


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Holy Knight

Holy Knight (2012)

ホーリーナイト - HD-Subtitle - 25min/epi - Adventure, Animation

The story centers around a timid orphan named Mizumura Shinta who goes to a missionary school in Tokyo. His seemingly normal life changes when a beautiful half-human Romanian girl named Lilith suddenly transfers into his school. Mizumura discovers that he is actually a vampire hunter and the successor of the Romuald lineage.


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Strike Witches the Movie

Strike Witches the Movie (2012)

Strike Witches Gekijouban - HD-Subtitle - 25min/epi - Adventure, Animation

In 1945, Yoshika Miyafuji, who lost her witch powers during the Strike Witches' last assignment, has been studying to become a doctor. Shizuka Hattori, one of her cadets in the Imperial Fuso Navy, then arrives to deliver a message: Yoshika is to be transferred for study abroad in Europe.


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 Angelic White Magical Girls

Angelic White Magical Girls (2012)

Zettai Junpaku: Mahou Shoujo - HD-Subtitle - 25min/epi - Adventure, Animation

Doujinshi anime Blu-ray Disc offered at the Comic Market 82 event on August 2012.


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Psychic School Wars

Psychic School Wars (2012)

Nerawareta Gakuen - HD-Subtitle - 25min/epi - Adventure, Animation

Kenji Seki's daily routine was set in stone. Every morning he walks his dog at the beach to get a glimpse of his crush, Kahori Harukawa, as she rides the waves on her surfboard, and walks to school together with his childhood friend, Natsuki Suzuura. Everything changed on a sunny spring morning when he stumbled across Ryouichi Kyougoku, a handsome new transfer student who claims to be a...


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Code Geass: Akito the Exiled 1 - The Wyvern Arrives

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled 1 - The Wyvern Arrives (2012)

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 1 - Yokuryuu wa Maiorita - HD-Subtitle - 25min/epi - Adventure, Animation

It is the year 2017, and Europe is being invaded by the forces of the Holy Britannian Empire. In an attempt to combat the opposition's overwhelming pressure and put an end to the massive casualties, the army forms a special unit called Wyvern, or W-0, composed of former Japanese citizens referred to as "Elevens." Recruited from ghettos, these young men and women pilot...


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Masquerade (2012)

Gwanghae: Wangyidoen namja - HD-Subtitle - 2h 11min - Historical, Thriller

Amid national chaos and fear for his life, tyrannical King Gwanghae orders his trusted councilor Heo Kyun to find a royal body double. He hires Ha-seon, a peasant mimic who bears a perfect resemblance to the King. When King Gwanghae collapses from a mysterious poison, Ha-seon reluctantly becomes a King. He must follow his conscience to save his country from collapse, avoid assassination, and...

Director: Chang-min Choo

Stars: Byung-hun Lee, Seung-ryong Ryu, Hyo-ju Han

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The Spy

The Spy (2012)

간첩 - HD-Subtitle - 1h44min - Action, Comedy

"Spy" follows the double life of North Korean spies, who are more worried about their living expenses rising than filing spy reports. They then receive their first order from North Korea in over 10 years. While the spies plan their mission, they also concoct a grand scheme for a huge payout. One day, a man known as "Section Chief Kim" (Kim Myung-Min) receives a text message...

Director: Woo Min-ho

Stars: Kim Myung Min, Yeom Jeong Ah, Byeon Hee Bong, Jung Gyu Woon, Yoo Hae Jin

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That's My Boy

That's My Boy (2012)

That's My Boy - HD-Subtitle - 1h 56min - Comedy, Thriller

While in his teens, Donny fathered a son, Todd, and raised him as a single parent up until Todd's 18th birthday. Now, after not seeing each other for years, Todd's world comes crashing down when Donny resurfaces just before Todd's wedding.

Director: Sean Anders

Stars: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester

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