Drunken Master Killer

Drunken Master Killer (1994)

Jui kuen III - HD-Subtitle - 1h 31min - Kungfu, Historical

Set around the turn of the century in China, the White Lotus Society plots to put the next Emperor on the throne. To do this they want their protege to marry the Princess Sun Yu who possesses an important jade ring. They dispatch Yueng Kwan to fetch her. However, Yueng Kwan is a patriot, working for the revolutionary forces of Sun Yat Sen. He abducts Sun Yu and finds refuge with the father of...

Director: Chia-Liang Liu

Stars: Andy Lau, Ka-Kui Ho, Michelle Reis

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The Adventurers

The Adventurers (2017)

The Adventurers - HD-Subtitle - 1h 48min - Action, Crime

The world's top thieves join forces to pull off the heist of a lifetime. But when they find themselves pursued across Europe by a legendary French detective, they'll have to take their game to the next level.

Director: Stephen Fung

Stars: Jean Reno, Qi Shu, Andy Lau

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The Duel

The Duel (2000)

Kuet chin chi gam ji din - HD-Subtitle - 1h 46min - Action, Adventure, Comedy

After a long absence, a master swordsman of royal blood, Yeh Cool-son, returns to the emperor's palace to challenge Snow, a reclusive master, to a dual on new year's eve. In the days before the dual, strange things happen in the palace, seen mostly through the eyes of Dragon 9, a leader of the guard who alternates between serious pursuit of duty and joking. His girlfriend, Jade, is a...

Director: Wai-Keung Lau

Stars: Andy Lau, Ekin Cheng, Nick Cheung

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A True Mob Story

A True Mob Story (1998)

Long zai jiang hu - HD-Subtitle - 1h 52min - Action, Crime

A low level gangster in Hong Kong gains new respect after saving a boss's life in a gang fight. Despite his wife's death in this attack, he appears to be moving up in the Triad family until he discovers the other bosses are not looking out for him when he is double crossed and the gangster he previously hospitalized in the gang fight comes back for revenge.

Director: Jing Wong

Stars: Andy Lau, Gigi Leung, Suki Kwan

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Infernal Affairs 3

Infernal Affairs 3 (2003)

Mou gaan dou III: Jung gik mou gaan - HD-Subtitle - 1h 58min - Action, Crime

Months after the events of the original film, Ming suspects a police superintendent as being a new mole for the triads, while years earlier, Yan embarks on his first mission.

Director: Wai-Keung Lau

Stars: Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, Andy Lau, Leon Lai

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Infernal Affairs

Infernal Affairs (2002)

Mou gaan dou - HD-Subtitle - 1h 41min - Crime, Thriller

A story between a mole in the police department and an undercover cop. Their objectives are the same: to find out who is the mole, and who is the cop.

Director: Wai-Keung Lau

Stars: Andy Lau, Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong

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House of Flying Daggers

House of Flying Daggers (2004)

Shi mian mai fu - HD-Subtitle - 1h 59min - Kungfu, Historical, Romance

A romantic police captain breaks a beautiful member of a rebel group out of prison to help her rejoin her fellows, but things are not what they seem.

Director: Yimou Zhang

Stars: Ziyi Zhang, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau

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Saving Mr. Wu

Saving Mr. Wu (2015)

Jie jiu Wu xian sheng - HD-Subtitle - 1h 45min - Action, Crime, Thriller

Mr. Wu, a Hong Kong movie star, is kidnapped by four unpredictable criminals disguised as police officers. Will he get rescued?

Director: Ding Sheng

Stars: Andy Lau, Ye Liu, Qianyuan Wang

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Lost and Love

Lost and Love (2015)

Shi gu - HD-Subtitle - 1h 48min - Thriller

A man's epic 14 year search for his son crosses paths with another man who shares a similar story.

Director: Sanyuan Peng

Stars: Andy Lau, Boran Jing, Tony Ka Fai Leung

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Running on Karma

Running on Karma (2003)

Daai zek lou - HD-Subtitle - 1h 33min - Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Romance

A monk turned body-builder, with the gift to see into people's lives, befriends a female cop, and uses his gift to change the force of Karma and her destiny.

Director: Johnnie To

Stars: Andy Lau, Cecilia Cheung, Siu-Fai Cheung

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Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon

Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (2008)

San guo zhi jian long xie jia - HD-Subtitle - 1h 42min - War, Historical, Romance

His country torn asunder by civil war, Zhao Zilong, a common man heeds the call of duty and from the humblest of roots rises through the ranks on wings of courage and cunning to command an army charged with liberating the land from an evil warlord. Inspiring by action, honor and a dream of unifying his divided nation, Zhao Zilong's heroism becomes legend, but as the years pass and the...

Director: Daniel Lee

Stars: Andy Lau, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Maggie Q

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The Warlords

The Warlords (2007)

Tau ming chong - HD-Subtitle - 2h 6min - War, Historical, Thriller

It's a heroic tale of three blood brothers and their struggle in the midst of war and political upheaval. It is based on "The Assassination of Ma," a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) story about the killing of general Ma Xinyi. The story was filmed by Zhang Che in 1973 as The Blood Brothers.

Director: Peter Ho-Sun Chan

Stars: Jet Li, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro

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What Women Want

What Women Want (2011)

Wo zhi nv ren xin - HD-Subtitle - 1h 56min - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

After an accident, a chauvinistic executive gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking.

Director: Josh Goldsmith

Stars: Andy Lau, Li Gong, Li Yuan

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Blind Detective

Blind Detective (2013)

Man tam - HD-Subtitle - 2h 10min - Crime, Comedy, Thriller

A cop is forced into early retirement due to retinal damage. But after witnessing a bank robbery along with a female inspector - who believes he has acute senses - they team up in hope to solve the case.

Director: Ryker Chan

Stars: Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Kerry Chan

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Firestorm (2013)

Fung bou - HD-Subtitle - 1h 58min - Action, Crime, Romance

A storm is heading to the city, and with it comes another occurrence so destructive, it vows to bring down everything it touches. A crew of seasoned criminals led by the notorious Nam (Hu Jun), armed with high-powered weapons, pulls off another smooth and violent armored car heist in broad daylight in a crowded street. Whoever tries to get in their way, they will show no mercy. This puts the...

Director: Alan Yuen

Stars: Chen Yao, Ka Tung Lam, Andy Lau

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Switch (2013)

Tian ji: Fu chun shan ju tu - HD-Subtitle - 2h - Action, Crime, Romance

In search of an ancient Chinese scroll, a Chinese agent battles against Japanese Yakuzas and British mercenaries.

Director: Jianjun Sun (as Jay Sun)

Stars: Andy Lau, Chiling Lin, Jingchu Zhang

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