Line Walker: The Prelude

Line Walker: The Prelude (2017)

Line Walker 2 - HD-Subtitle - 30/30 - Action, Crime, Thriller

In 2010, Cheuk Hoi secretly travels to Bangkok to conduct a drug operation with his undercover agents in Thailand. As they finish their mission and are about to leave Thailand, an explosion causes all of Michael's undercover agents to die in a sea of fire. At the same time, Michael's good friend, CIB Inspector Eddie Cheung, is killed for unknown reasons, leaving Michael in charge of a...


Stars: Miu Michael, Chan Moses, Hsuan Jessica, Chau Pakho, Yuen Benjamin, Wong Priscilla

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Beauty At War

Beauty At War (2013)

War and Beauty 2 - HD-Dubbing - 30/30 - Historical, Thriller

Consort Shun wanted to convey the dissatisfaction she has on her elder sister Consort Yu by purposely spreading rumors about her around the palace. Sheung Ling, the nanny, is a woman full of motives, she borrows the authority to help others investigate the truth, but in reality she's just trying to scheme for profit and money. She also successfully gained Consort Yu's trust and the two...


Stars: Ng Christine, Chan Moses, Tang Sheren

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