Man To Man

Man To Man (2017)

맨투맨 - HD-Voice Subtitle - 16/16 - Action, Comedy, Romance

A longtime celebrity Yeo Woon Gwang suddenly has a need for a bodyguard and hires Kim Seol Woo, a man trained in special investigations. He’s described as a mysterious man of many talents, and the drama is about the twisty events they encounter and the budding bromance between the star and bodyguard. (Source: Wikipedia)

Director: Lee Chang Min

Stars: Park Hae Jin, Kim Min Jung, Park Sung Woong

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The Merchant: Gaekju 2015

The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 (2015)

God of Commerce: Gaekju 2015 - HD-Subtitle - 33/33 - Historical, Thriller

In late Joseon, a poor man named Cheon Bong Sam inherits a decrepit inn and honestly works his way up to becoming a powerful merchant. As tradesmen clash against the bureaucratic powers that attempt to oppress them by rigging bad deals, Bong Sam never loses sight of his humble beginnings as a peddler even after achieving great success and eventually shapes the way that industry and business are...

Director: Kim Jong-sun

Stars: Jang Hyuk, Yoo Oh Sung, Kim Min Jung

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