Ghost Dragon Of Cold Mountain

Ghost Dragon Of Cold Mountain (2014)

Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon - HD-Dubbing - 30/30 - Historical, Thriller

Feng Nan Tin leads a group of elite constables who investigate strange mysteries from all across the country. His position gives him authority over local magistrates and even the six ministries. Chu Cheung Seng with his combination of bravery and wit, is Feng Nan Tin's favorite subordinate. However, they go their separate ways after disagreeing on a robbery case. Chu Cheung Seng and his...


Stars: Ma Kenneth, Li Selena, Cho Raymond

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Song of Phoenix

Song of Phoenix (2017)

思美人 - HD-Subtitle - 72/72 - Historical, Thriller, Romance

Born from a good family is the child prodigy, Qu Yuan. By unlikely circumstances, he falls in love with a slave, Mo Chou Nu. Because of their different status and identity, they cannot be together. Stubborn, the two have to go through countless obstacles to be together and get entangled in politics and palace schemes. It is also the story if how, step by step, Qu Yuan tries to save his country.


Stars: Ma Ke, Zhang Viann, Qiao Zhen Yu

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The Journey Of Flower 2015

The Journey Of Flower 2015 (2015)

Hua Qian Gu 2015 - HD-Subtitle - 32/32 - Mystery, Romance

Continuation of The Journey of Flower in modern times. The drama tells the star-crossed love story over thousands of years of the main and side characters, but most focused on are Bai Zi Hua & Hua Qian Gu and Tan Bao.


Stars: Ma Ke, Jiang Fang Ting, Liu Qiu Shi

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