Raak Boon 2

Raak Boon 2 (2014)

รากบุญ 2 รอยรักแรงมาร - HD-Subtitle - 11/11 - Mystery, Romance

After the mysterious death of Pisai, Jetiya begins to investigate due to pleading from Pisai. Everyone suspects Prim’s father, but there is no solid evidence. The lack of evidence allows Prim’s father to walk freely. While investigating Jetiya finds out that Prim’s father went to visit his friend Wanan Graiwin, and Wanan is suffering from a muscle disease. Jetiya also finds in her investigation...

Director: Virithipa Pakdeeprasong

Stars: Mike Angelo, Ekkaphong Jongkesakorn, Margie Rasri Balenciaga

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Amaya (2011)

Amaya - HD-Subtitle - 84/86 - Action, Adventure, Thriller

The story is set in the 1500s, during the time of Rajah Mangubat's reign. He was known as the undefeated notorious leader of chief captains. Not long after, a village priestess or babaylan prophesizes that he would be killed by a woman with a twin snake one day. Rajah Mangubat becomes anxious about the prophecy as he orders all pregnant women in his own village tribe and also in others to...

Director: Mac Alejandre

Stars: Glaiza de Castro, Lani Mercado, Roxanne Barcelo, Sid Lucero

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