I'M DONE! MSM Are Supporting a Lying, Boston Bomber Sympathizing, 9/11 Truther...

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  • Uploaded: Dec 22 2016
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Big Note: I am not monetizing this video. People have accused me of using this situation to make Ad money. Nope! This is about showcasing the truth, exposing facts, and not just eating up the lies you are being fed. The mainstream media has not been showcasing all the facts in the #BoycottDelta story, Adam Saleh and Slim's defense HAS NOW CHANGED, and new evidence has revealed a lot about Adam Saleh's character.

FACEBOOK Video Link: https://www.facebook.com/DeFrancoNation/videos/10154897580579407/


Adam and Slim's Update Video:

Slim and Adam's 2nd Update Video:

Delta Passengers Interview:

Adam Saleh fakes Racial Profiling Video: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/document...

The Now Viral Video of Adam Saleh saying he was kicked off the Delta flight for speaking Arabic: https://twitter.com/omgAdamSaleh/stat...

Cenk From Young Turks Discussing Mississippi Church Fire:

Hillary Clinton Talks Systemic Racism:

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