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The Cupids Series: Kammathep Online (2017) - ออนไลน์

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  • 45min


Praewprao stands firm that she won't choose a guy who only look for looks, because she was heart-broken from her first love for the reason that she had bad teeth. Even though she has became a beautiful girl now. She has mission that is online matchmaker, and her nickname is ugly duck. Prao meets an old grandpa whose name is Uncle Panda. The man makes her have good feelings all the time when she talks with him. And Mike, a genius guy who is her first love comes back to her, and have behavior as a stalker. He follows her for flirting, and Rome a lawyer is pulled into her life that makes her life a disorder. When it has many people in her mission, how is a ugly duck like Praewprao supposed to manage her life? The most important thing is her heart. It shaken for one of these guy.

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